The first edition of "D'Inverno sul Po" dates back to 1983: it was conceived by Gian Antonio Romanini that was the president of the Rowing Club Esperia-Torino.

At that time the new regulations of the Italian Rowing Federation wanted that the competitions had to take place in six lanes regatta areas only. The morphology of the Po river in Turin would therefore be excluded from international competitions.

As many other rowers in Turin, the president Romanini used to train in the stretch of river between the Rowing Club Esperia-Torino and Moncalieri. It was during one of these workouts that he had the idea to organize a long-distance regatta (that is excluded from the parameters of the FIC), to bring the international rowing back in Turin, which was the birthplace of the Italian rowing.

Winter is the best season to practice the long-distance regatta, hence the name of the event "D'Inverno sul Po" which traditionally occurs in the second or the third weekend of February.