The Regulation

1) the number of trolleys,
2) the number of vehicles,
3) day and time of arrival of the trolley.
It will be the responsibility of the Organizing Committee to notify by midnight on Thursday 09/02/2022 the location assigned to the individual trolleys.

Withdrawals and substitutions, which can be anticipated by telephoning 335/443269, must be communicated on special forms sent by e-mail to by the closing date of the accreditation and verified by telephone.

Accreditation: by sending special forms ONLY IN CASE OF CHANGES by 2 p.m. on Friday 10/02/2023.

The final race programme will be published on by 6 p.m. on Friday 10/02/2023. On Saturday 11/02/2023 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Società Canottieri Esperia-Torino the race numbers and the bibs (or stickers) will be handed over to a single company representative; they will NOT have to be handed back; no deposit will be required.

The number of boats available for rent is limited.

Saturday's competitions

€ 20.00 per rower/race for Allievi, Cadets;
€ 30.00 per rower/race for Boys, Juniors, Seniors, LW, U23 and Pararowing; € 50.00 per rower/race Master.

Races on Sunday

€ 6.00 per entry/race for Allievi and Cadets;
€ 10.00 per entry/race;
€ 20.00 per entry/race Master.

To be paid at the time of registration (i.e. by midnight on Sunday 05/02/2023): EXCLUSIVELY by bank transfer in the name of Società Canottieri Esperia-Torino ASD IT 26 Z 08833 01003 000200100890 BIC Swift CCRTIT2TCSS specifying in the reason for payment: 1) the company - 2) the date of the race: 11/02/2023 or 12/02/2023. The accounting note of the transfer must be sent to by midnight on Sunday 05/02/2023. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO MAKE A SINGLE BANK TRANSFER THAT INCLUDES THE REGISTRATION FEES OF MORE THAN ONE RACE DAY.

Payments by cash cards, cash or cheques after 05/02/2023 are not permitted.
Each club must make, for each day of competition, ONE SINGLE PAYMENT including ALL REGISTERED ATHLETES participating in the event. Payments by individual athletes or groups of athletes (with particular reference to Master category athletes) are not permitted.

The registration and payment (full amount) of the MIXED CREWS must be made by the club registering the crew under penalty of exclusion.

In the event of withdrawal after midnight on Sunday 05/02/2023, also due to force majeure, the fees already paid will be retained.

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Iscrizioni da effettuarsi tramite il sito entro le ore 24.00 di domenica 05 febbraio 2023; il giorno 08/02/2023 verrà pubblicata la statistica società e atleti iscritti sul sito A partire da giovedì 09/02/2022 sarà pubblicato sul sito il programma gare provvisorio.

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